“Snek” Kickstarter Intro

Brand video for Snek bike accessories. Introduces the brand and their launch products.

Roles: Sound Mixer and Editor


“Snek” Bag Install video

How-to video showing how the install the snek bike seat bag. Show how easy it is to use and install the accessory.

Role: Editor


“Bloggers Night Out” My Craft Channel

Event video for My Craft Channel, an e-commerce website specializing in daily deals and DIY videos. The bloggers night out is an annual event where bloggers are invited to witches night at gardeners village, a boutique shopping experience. 

Roles: Producer . Videographer . Editor


“Good Times CHA” My Craft Channel

Event video for My Craft Channel. CHA is an annual buyers convention for the Craft and Hobby Association. 

Roles: Producer . Videographer . Editor



Commercial for “Hawaii Heart Association”. Goals were to show the ease of the new CPR guidelines in a fun and simple way. 

Roles: Producer . Director . Editor


“Red Balloon”

Commercial for non-profit “Hawaii Cord Blood Bank”. Goals were to show the importance of donating a babies umbilical cord and how it can save lives.

Roles: Producer . Director 


“School Supplies”

Commercial for non-profit “Communities Helping Schools”. the organization helps connect the community and teachers, that need school supplies for their classrooms. Our goals were to show in an interesting way the connection between teachers and the community

Roles: Producer . Director