“Jakes Drum Strum”

Short demo from the PBS documentary “Life on four strings” Following ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro over the course of a musical season. In this short Jake tells us about the origins of his unique strumming method.

Roles: Sound Mixer . Sound Technician . Boom Operator . Camera Operator


“Ahai Olelo Ola : Robotic Surfboard Shaping”

Hawaiian Language News Segment that aired on KGMB “Sunrise”. The “Ahai Olelo Ola” series is the only daily show that is produced in the Hawaiian Language. In this episode Jared Clapper describes the differences between the shaping of a surfboard by human hands and by machines.

Roles: Producer . Writer . Videographer . Editor


“Makanoa Water Reel”

Surfing and ocean reel includes footage from “BayVI” Surf Brand team video and various ocean footage.

Roles: Cinematographer . Editor


“Real Word” Episode 1

video magazine showing various stories that take place around Hawaii. 

Roles: Sound Mixer . Boom Operator


“Passport Hawaii” Pilot Episode

Travel show pilot featuring Miss Universe Brook Lee and Olympian Bryan Clay as they explore the Hawaiian Islands and its historic sites.

Roles: Sound Mixer . Camera Operator