“Snow | Rocks”

We created amazing memories with our families and friends at the Annual Bryce Canyon Winter Festival. The national park is a beautiful place year round, but during the winter it becomes a quieter and more reflective place that allows us to experience this natural wonder of our world.


“Ranch Days” 

Our many adventures at the Hale Family Ranch, the ranch is an amazing place where kids can go out on their own and explore their natural world. The house is surrounded by open fields and cottonwood trees that open up opportunities for invention and imagination.


“Bear Lake”

Our first adventure sailing on the beautiful blue waters of bear lake, Utah. It was thrilling as we flew the hulls and felt the wind across our faces. We pushed the boat a little far and flipped over, making the experience even more exciting.


“Snow Time”

Growing up in Hawaii, Snow is an elusive substance that we wish we could play in. My sons first experience with snow was exciting and filled his senses with happiness and fun.